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Building Offshore & Remote Teams in India

With Grow4Sure you can hire dedicated full-time offshore staff who are remote Home-Based, Hybrid or Office-Based in India.

For Consultation
You provide us with a job description
You provide us with a job description

Just tell us what you need

We recruit talented professionals
We recruit talented professionals
Only the best. Quality assured
Your dedicated staff report to you daily
Your dedicated staff report to you daily
Fulltime remote or office-based
We manage the operations
We manage the operations

And ensure quality you need standards

See how it works?

With Grow4Sure, you can effortlessly scale your organization with dedicated full-time offshore staff in a way that’s efficient and cost-effective.
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Transparent Pricing full service offshore staffing

Staff Salary

Employee Compensation inc.
Government fees
Health insurance




Dedicated workstation
Office space


ISO Quality
Client services


Fast internet
ISO Support

Monthly Staffing Fee

Simple transparent fixed monthly rate


Full Managed Operations​

We provide managed operations and if you select office-based staff we also take care of the facilities. amenities. equipment. fast internet and IT support. so that you can simply focus on managing your team – leave the rest to us.

Your Outsourced team in India

With Grow4Sure you get an expert off shoring partner in the India who understands the local culture and labour laws and who will ensure your offshore staffing success.


Scale Quickly ​

Dedicated offshore staff

Your staff work during your business hours and are effectively an extension of your local team (just located remotely).

We offer a selection of talented candidates, enabling you to handpick the staff you want. You maintain direct access to your team through phone, Skype, and email communication. You also define the standards, systems, and processes they should follow.

Gain full visibility and control over your dedicated offshore staff without the need to manage the operational aspects – that’s our responsibility.


Track Performance​

Transparent productivity and performance

With the Grow4Sure staff performance monitoring tools you can see work in progress as it happens. The Grow4Sure Support team will also work closely with you to ensure your offshore staff are being highly productive, high performing and delivering to exceed your expectations.

Home based Staff

Grow4Sure stands out as a highly professional and efficient organization, making business dealings seamless and promptly resolving any issues. Our staff embodies a 'can-do' attitude, ensuring a positive and productive atmosphere.

Hybrid Staff

Grow4Sure is synonymous with professionalism, providing a seamless and efficient experience in all business interactions. Our staff's friendly demeanor and 'can-do' attitude contribute to a positive work environment, ensuring the satisfaction of both our team and clients.

Office based Staff

Grow4Sure is renowned for its professionalism, offering a seamless business experience and swift issue resolution. Our staff, known for their super-friendly 'can-do' attitude, ensures not only a well-treated team but also a delighted client.

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