Insurance Verification

In the recent times, practices have been facing the biggest challenge of declined insurance claims. Our team has come up as a saviour who helped practices increase successful insurance claims.

How Grow4Sure can help?

Insurance Authorization & Verification

Insurance authorization and verification are important steps to maximize your cash flow, minimize the denied claims, avoid hassle and have a standard customer service for your patients. Insurance verification provides confirmation to the patient’s coverage & benefits, and insurance authorization provides you insurer’s approval for certain services.

Our team collects the patient’s information and verifies the details with insurer in a time-effective manner to avoid any appointment delays and keep the patients happy.

Our solution includes easy to use Kanban boards which provide effective data visualization, information management, team collaboration and data transparency across all the departments.

Technology integrated With Insurance

We use all the insurance technology tools to make the claim settlement faster and more effective. We work real-time in sync with those providers to settle all the claims faster. Our solutions are integrated with all the insurance platforms.