Your outsourced sales development team comes with more than SDRs. We build you an entire outsourced sales development department complete with dedicated sales coaches, client success managers, and a robust sales operations team to drive maximum results.

Your outsourced SDRs are front-line representatives for your brand. We recruit 100% domestic, highly experienced sales reps to staff your sales development program.

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Cold Calling

Proactive outreach to uncover opportunities. 


Seamlessly manage incoming inquiries and proactively reach out to potential clients. 


Engage prospects through strategic phone campaigns and drive results. 

Lead Generation

Systematically identify and cultivate potential clients to fill your sales pipeline with qualified opportunities.

Lead Mining

Extract valuable insights and potential leads from data sources to fuel your sales strategy.

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Cold Calling

The Idea of Cold Calling Strikes Fear into even the Most Experienced Salespeople. When it comes to instant decision-making, cold calling services have proved to be extremely effective. As Grow4Sure we have the team – and the expertise – to take over, or implement from scratch – a cold calling lead generation campaign that gets results without breaking the bank.

At Grow4Sure, we hire only the best cold calling professionals. Led by a team of experienced writers and marketers who develop well- researched scripts, presentations and deliveries, our cold callers then develop powerful opening statements which include the advantages of your product/ service and the motivators for prospective customers to buy from your business.

What You Can Expect

We’ll research companies and identify the key decision-makers to increase the efficiency of our cold calling. Our team are fully trained in the art of building rapport and quickly establishing trust with prospects.

A Team of Experienced Cold Callers You Can Trust

Grow4Sure’s cold callers also know how to handle the potential objections that they might encounter on a cold call and how to respond to them in a positive way that leads to more conversions and fewer disconnects. Every call is handled with the utmost professionalism, so that your brand’s reputation is protected, and enhanced at all times.

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Whether you’re a business-to-business (B2B) or a business-to-customer (B2C) company, you’d surely benefit from a solid outsourced sales team in India.

If you’re building a sales team in-house but would like to further expand to support your initiatives, scaling locally can be expensive. Moreover, sales teams have one of the highest turnover rates, so if you have to manage your sales team on top of your core tasks, it can be too much.

Managed service providers and organizations around the globe have overcome these problems by building an outsourced sales team in India that’s low-cost and comprises a highly educated, English-proficient talent pool.

A dedicated outsourced sales team for your business

Grow4Sure can help you build an easy-to-scale, dedicated sales team to support your inbound and outbound sales initiatives, target new markets, exceed your sales quota, and achieve higher ROIs. Your dedicated outsourced sales team can work either remotely or in one of our offices with 24/7 IT support.

What your outsourced sales team can do

We provide our clients with the latest sales tools and carefully vetted talent so they can seamlessly execute these outbound and inbound sales tasks offshore:

Grow4Sure can help build a high-performing, easily scalable business development team from the ground up to help you double your prospect database, sharpen your client relationship intelligence, and build strategic partnerships.

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Google outsourced telemarketing, and we’re not going to deny it, you’ll be served up a lot of negative information. Over the years, telemarketing agencies in general has gained a bad rap, and outsourced lead generation telemarketing certainly has.

So why consider outsourcing your sales calls to a telemarketing team if it’s such a bad idea? Because ethical, less intrusive telemarketing, especially B2B telemarketing, undertaken by a trained and dedicated team works. But it’s that last part that got lost over the last few years.

VOIP and Internet calling made it easy for anyone to offer telemarketing services from anywhere in the world to almost any business. With no training, no marketing expertise, no willingness to research what their clients were selling, or what their brand stood for. The results, as expected, were often bad.

How Grow4Sure Is Making Outsourced Telemarketing Cool Again

There’s a lot more to effective outsourced telemarketing services than just picking up the phone and reading from a script. To be effective before a single call is ever made any telemarketing business needs to:

Research the company they will be telemarketing for. Take the time to understand both what they will be selling and the business brand behind it.

Determine just what it is about the product that will entice people to want to learn more about it.

Brainstorm a call framework that will inform and engage prospects, so they not only listen but are enticed to buy your products or services.

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Lead Generation

Deciding to outsource your customer prospecting activities to Grow4Sure gives you access to an experienced team of lead generation experts who have an impressive record of getting results in the form of a steady stream of high-quality leads.

Outsourcing your outsourced B2B lead generation activities to us will allow you to focus on converting leads into customers and revenue for your business.

Why Do Companies Outsource

Effective lead generation is not easy. It can be expensive, time-consuming and, given that effective new methods for both B2B and B2C lead generation are emerging all the time difficult to keep up with. That’s why many companies do not generate enough leads to grow; they do not have the time, money or expertise to do so. The answer? Lead generation outsourcing. Specifically, lead generation outsourcing to the Grow4Sure leads team.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Lead Generation Activities

By outsourcing Lead Generation Outsourcing online, companies can focus on what they do best. Instead of struggling to source, hire, and train people for their marketing department, they can focus on elevating their products and services.

The Grow4Sure team specializes in Lead Generation Outsourcing and is made up of a diverse set of professionals that have the right tools, knowledge, and strategies to deliver leads that convert.

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Lead Mining

Do you and your sales reps feel frustrated by the lack of quality data and the time it takes to build an actionable prospect list?

Grow4Sure makes revenue generation predictable and helps you stop relying on (sometimes blind) luck. We give you reassurance that your team spends time building relationships with prospects who are actually a good fit and your sales motions aren’t in vain.

Your list is your strategy.

Expand your target audience with ease. Regardless of whether you’re trying to break into a new region, are moving upmarket, or are looking to expand your targeting, you can use Grow4Sure to find new personas and companies that weren’t even on your radar.

The lists Grow4Sure team generates come with quality account and contact-level data, including accurate business emails, mobile numbers, and social handles, so you can action them across different channels straight away.

Roles we hire for in Sales

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)
Sales Manager
Cold Calling Agent
Cold Calling Scriptwriter
Lead Data Researcher
Lead Miners
B2B Lead Generation Professional
Inbound Sales Associate
Outbound Sales Associate
Account Executive
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Specialist
Client Care Associate
Appointment Setter
Telesales Operators
Outbound Appointment Setter
Business to Business Telemarketing Expert

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